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Silence can be golden
A simple, sacred miracle
That seems too hard to attain
But conversation gives me comfort
And the silence gives me pain
:iconvoiceofbambi:VoiceOfBambi 0 0
Dreams Aren't Real
You'll never know the pain you feel
The day you realize dreams aren't real
It starts when you break down and cry
Then all your hopes begin to die
You'll feel unhappy for a while
Nothing at all will make you smile
You'll feel alone in a crowded room
The only thing you'll sense is doom
You'll feel like there is no way out
The days will feel too long to count
It'll feel like nothing is ever right
Suddenly the sun won't seem so bright
And all you'll want is to proudly say
Is that all your problems have gone away
You'll never know the pain you feel
Until the day you realize dreams aren't real
:iconvoiceofbambi:VoiceOfBambi 0 1
What To Say
I don't know what to say
Have you ever felt that way?
Like the world is on delay
And you won't get through the day
Like your mind is made of clay
About to crumble and decay?
Does it seem, to your dismay
That there's never time to play
And that all you can do is pray
For a chance to get away?
I don't know what to say
Have you ever felt that way?
:iconvoiceofbambi:VoiceOfBambi 0 1
People are always around me
And they do the best they can
But most of them don't get it
And they'll never understand
I cannot think of one day
Dark thoughts weren't in my head
I very often wonder
If my heart is cold and dead
It seems it's been forever
Since the days before I cried
The beauty that's inside me
Will forever have to hide
The pressure and the fighting
The frustration and the pain
Seem stuck with me forever
And will never leave my brain
I do my best to fight it
And I try to keep it in
But it always ends in sadness
Or a deep cut in my skin
I'm sick of nothing helping
My depression and my doubt
But these feelings are within me
And they never will come out
:iconvoiceofbambi:VoiceOfBambi 0 1
The things that go on in your life right now
Seem frozen in time and forever set
There's more to life, though you don't see it now
You still have goals that you have not reached yet
Time seems to last forever when your young
But catches up with you the more you grow
Time will change the people you're among
And give you more regrets than you will show
But time also lets you look at your past
And think about the happiness and fun
You're able to see who you are at last
And think back on the many things you've done
Until the end, no matter where you go
Time will be a friend, and yet a foe
:iconvoiceofbambi:VoiceOfBambi 1 4
Everything I Value
You tell me to be different
Be more caring, be more kind
You can tell me all you want to
But you can't control my mind
You can't control my destiny
Though you try to tear it down
You can tell me that I'm worthless
But you cannot make me frown
You cannot break my spirit
And you'll never make me cry
And all the thoughts inside my head
I'll think until I die
You cannot take my soul from me
I don't know why you'd dare
And before you can insult me
You have to make me care
So degrade me down to nothing
But I guess you'll never see
That everything I value
Will always belong to me
:iconvoiceofbambi:VoiceOfBambi 0 1
Freak Show
Come one, come all, come everyone
And please do not be late
Come see the greatest freak show
That there has been to date
Come see the girl who slits her wrists
And wants to end her life
And see the man who everyday
Comes home and beats his wife
Be sure to see the teenager
Who will never think she's thin
And don't forget the football star
Who will even cheat to win
These are just the main attractions
And there are many more to see
Come see the greatest freak show
Which we call "society"
:iconvoiceofbambi:VoiceOfBambi 2 2


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United States
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Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite cartoon character: Gir from Invader Zim
Personal Quote: "We are defined by the choices we make."
Hello Everyone..

Well I'm bored and have nothing to do. Tori had a dream and I was in it. I didn't buy hats. Hee hee. Tori, you're crazy. I dream about...well, nevermind, you don't want to know. School isn't fun. I'm going to sleep. Byebye


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Demonomania- Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2005
Hmm...18 weeks is a long time...i mean i know your alive since I saw you at Wal*Mart but it sucks you arent on deviant art anymore...if ya ever read this we should totaly hang out or something.
lexman Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2004
Welcome to DA !
I am very impressed of Your poems,
They are amaizing, very great for so young lady.
My best wishes...:+fav:
EikoYu Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2004
LaLaLa~Welcome to DA, hope u like it here^_^:hug:
DPSmistress Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2004
Welcome to DA!

and thanks for the comment, I'm gonna leave it in my mailbox for now so I remember to come check out your page -

seems I got a new poet on the block!:w00t: Welcome! :heart::)
kyraal Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2004
Mmmmm. It's Kendoooh! Hurrah for being on DA!
VoiceOfBambi Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2004
Yes Toe-eee, it's me! I wuv you! :blowkiss:
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